Paddling With Pooches

We get quite a few people every season that want to bring their dogs along on their river adventure.  At DRC, we love dogs, and you can usually find some of ours hanging out at the shop, waiting to greet you when you arrive.  While a trip down the river with your faithful friend can be a wonderful experience, sometimes that experience can be a sour one.  Check out this article from our friends at Canoeroots Magazine to help make the experience a great one for you and your K9 companion.



2016 DRC Boat Sale

The DRC End of Season Boat Sale begins September 17, 2016, and continues until they're all gone! 

  • Wavespot XXX kayak: $150, yellow
    A radical design when it was introduced, the Triple-X is a whitewater 'play' kayak with extremely low-volume, "slicey" ends that make it easy to get vertical and throw tricks in a rodeo hole ... or just surf a sweet river wave.
  • Old Town Penobscot 17: $150, green
    A classic of the river and formerly used to win whitewater downriver canoe races. Royalex hull needs repair in the stern. Previously outfitted for whitewater racing but can be turned back into a family canoe easily enough.
  • Dagger Impulse canoe: $350, turquoise
    A classic Royalex whitewater canoe. Roomy and forgiving - a good boat for a beginning whitewater canoeist and will carry you up to class 5 whitewater if that's your goal.
  • Mad River solo canoe: $750, green, 14', Royalex, wood gunwales, full length skid plate. This is a great canoe for a paddler who wants the flexibility of a canoe that can hold its own on flat water and class 2 rapids.  No longer in production, Royalex canoes are getting harder and harder to find. Especially solo canoes.
  • Mad River Outrage X: $250, purple
    This 13 foot solo whitewater canoe is beat up, but still has some life left in it. The Outrage X is a boat for the big boys. If you are over 200 pounds and want a canoe to get you into whitewater, this is your boat.
  • Wenonah Argosy: $750, green   SOLD
    At 14.5 feet and only 42 pounds, this solo canoe is one of the most dynamic boats out there. It can still be had from Wenonah in fiberglass or Kevlar, but the Royalex version is no longer offered.
  • Mad River Outrage Hull: $100 obo, blue
    We have the remnants of a once great WW canoe. This hull has good gunwales and           thwarts but the outfitting is gone and the hull is in need of lots of patching.
  • Sawyer x17: $500, green
    The x17 is a flatwater tripping Canoe that is big enough to accommodate a full load of camping gear for 2 people. At 57 pounds, it is light on the portage trail. It does need a new front seat that we could order from Wenonah, it should work. This is not a river canoe.
  • Unidentified Race Canoe: $300, black SOLD
    This 18.5 foot fiberglass canoe is fast... not stable, but fast.  It would be a great addition to a fleet of boats for a fun paddle or recreational flat-water race.

Basic Kayaking

We regularly get people coming to DRC who are excited to try kayaking for the first time, and our section of the Dan is great for beginner paddlers.  It is simple enough to not be intimidating, yet there are enough rapids and river features to allow a paddler to really progress in skill over a season.  If you are a new kayaker, it would be a good idea to watch this video before you come.  Our Jackson kayaks have adjustable back rests and foot pegs to allow you to set the boat up in a way that is comfortable for you, and our paddles are not feathered so you can focus on the beautiful scenery and not your blade alignment...